Terms of Use

Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with a Premium Subscription you have purchased, you may request a refund for the amount equal to the last payment you have made to us. To request a refund, please email email/info)(evaunt.com and provide your username and payment reference number. We'd also love to hear your feedback on what we could do to improve the service!

Fair Use

We may restrict or cancel your use of the service if such use is deemed by us to be excessive or adversely affects the experience of other users.

Legal Use

Any materials or content you upload to the service must be legal both in your area of jurisdiction and in Australia, and you must have the rights to use such materials.

Guarantee of Service

We do not guarantee that the functionality or availability of the service.


We may choose to discontinue this service to you at any time for any reason, including terminating your account.

You may choose to terminate your account with us at any time by emailing email/info)(evaunt.com with your username. Be sure to email us from the email account through which you created your account.

Limitation of Liability

We shall not be liable to you or third parties for any consequential or indirect loss, financial damages, downtime, or lost profits or opportunities, resulting from incorrect functionality, loss of service, loss of data, breach of contract, negligence, or other claims. In no event shall our aggregate liability exceed the total amount paid by you to us in relation to this service.